You should be informed as to what happens when you sign a contract with FFCS (us).  A supervisor will bring the
    cleaning crew and help the crew get established in your building.  He will also assist in the cleaning if he deems it
    to be necessary.  Now we want to keep you happy because the company will only make a profit in the long run.  
    Initially, our company will spend more money in your building than what we charge you monthly.

    (CHEAP PRICES-HOW & WHY) Many so called cleaning
    companies here in Houston such as the one shown on
    the right, when they get a contract signed by you, they
    instantly made money without you having paid a cent.
    How? They will sell this contract to the person who will
    come and clean your building and retain a percentage of
    the bill at the end of each month.  Not wonder they will give
    you such a low price.  So, after you sign the contract, you
    will most likely not hear from them again and even if you want to get in contact with them, it's gonna be hard.

    Do your homework and you will save yourself headaches along the way.  Internet offers quick access to reviews
    on most everything.  When you see positive reviews amidst bad reviews, you should question those good reviews
    since happy customers tend to be quite; on the other hand, unhappy people  want to vent their frustration.  
    Assess within yourself what a fair rate is.  Cost of  living is high and people cleaning your building deserve getting
    paid right.  In our company, we are proud to say we have happy employees and that translates to happy
    Family & Friends Cleaning Services is a full service office cleaning services in Houston Texas.  We started
    serving customers in May of 2001. We have dedicated cleaning crews; meaning, cleaning is the only thing
    we do to earn our living.  Most cleaning companies have people doing janitorial services in the evening to
    supplement their income; however, their heart and soul is not in the cleaning business and the quality of
    cleaning shows it. We are fully dedicated to cleaning only. If your building is small, we can still do it.  
    Perhaps we are already cleaning another small building near yours.  If you have a large facility that
    requires day porters and evening crew, we love it. Call us now or send us your quote request form.

    When it comes to our office janitorial services to any small
    business here in Houston, we understand that you may require
    cleaning just once a week.  We are happy to accommodate.  
    But if your business needs cleaning more than once a week
    office cleaning, we will be able to meet your requirements.
    What we don’t do is one time cleaning, construction cleaning-we
    don’t do, mall retail stores-we don’t do.  Out of state customers
    we don’t do either.

    We service all the greater Houston Metro area and all the surrounding cities like Sugar Land, Stafford,
    Missouri City, Pasadena, Pearland, North Houston, Humble, Tumble, Cypress, Katy, Richmond. We
    currently have customers in the NASA area, Deer Park, Hockley, Waller, Fulshear, Magnolia Texas just so
    you can get an idea of the areas we are already in.  Of course, the bulk of our business is here in Houston.

    First and foremost we want to provide you with our cleaning services for the LONG RUN. To do that, our
    interest is that you are fully satisfied with our services.  Otherwise, we know you will not retain a mediocre
    cleaning services for your business.  Secondly, we want you to have an inviting place to work.  We know
    you spend LONG HOURS at work and being in a messy place all day
    everyday of the week, it’s just not good.  If you plan on shampooing your
    carpet at least once a year, we will be there for you. Or floor waxing,
    however often you need it. Warehouse cleaning, we do that too. How about
    supplies.  Well, some people like to handle supplies on their own and then
    again there are others that leave it to us. We will set you up with all the
    supplies you need.  In the past, customers had me buy bottle water, others
    had me buy copy paper for their business.  Well the janitorial supplies such
    as bath tissue, hand soap and so on, we can get it all for you. Our services
    are billed monthly. You will receive a bill toward the end of each month of
    service.  We carry workers comp, general liability insurance 2 million in
    coverage. We carry bonding for your piece of mind.

    We started providing building janitorial services here in the
    Houston area in May of 2001.  Our first account was a set of
    two buildings totaling 20,000 square feet in Sugar Land Texas.  
    Currently, as a testament of our faithful services, we are still
    serving those two buildings.  Our janitorial cleaning company has
    grown to over 30 full time employees and we service buildings
    all over Houston Texas, Stafford TX, Sugar Land TX, Cypress
    Texas, Katy TX, Pasadena Texas and other areas around

    We will provide you a full janitorial cleaning proposal when you
    request a quote for our services. Our proposal will tell you all the
    specifics about how we will conduct our janitorial cleaning services
    on an ongoing basis. It will also have a w-9 ready for you.  If there are other legal forms that you require
    from us, we will be happy to provide those as well.
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